Shut Down Cybersex
Trafficking of Children


Cybersex trafficking is the devastating live-streamed sexual exploitation of children viewed over the internet. It needs to stop.

It is growing at an alarming rate and is fuelled by the behaviour of Canadians online. Of 60 countries investigated, Canada ranked in the top three for hosting websites and images, and selling material containing child sexual abuse (

You can join the nationwide movement to raise awareness and help end online abuse perpetrated by Canadians.

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This #NotOnMyScreen conversation needs your voice. Victims of cybersex trafficking are often young children. They don’t get to say "No". But you do.

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Advocate with passion, rally your networks and deploy your funds to protect these children and help end this devastating crime.

You have the power to stop sex traffickers.
HELP PUT AN END TO THIS ABUSE. FOR GOOD. Send Rescue is Canada’s National Tipline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children. It is an excellent Canadian resource that prepares parents and other caregivers to speak with children about online safety and navigating the internet with wisdom. It includes internet safety resources for children 11 years old and younger, and children 12 years old and older. If you are concerned about a child being sexually exploited on the Internet, report it. Visit