Imagine being denied citizenship in your own country. 

No citizenship means no healthcare, no access to education, and no protection from violence.  

In Canada, it’s hard to imagine a life without the rights, freedoms, and privileges we often take for granted.

But this is the harsh reality for Meetee, a member of the Akha tribe.

The Akha people are an ethnic minority group living in Thailand’s Northern region. Because of their ethnicity, they are discriminated against and often refused citizenship.


Help secure citizenship for Meetee and Thai people just like her.

Meetee has lived in Thailand for her entire life, but she has been waiting for citizenship for decades. 

With no citizenship, Meetee was never able to go to school and has never learned to speak, read or write Thai. For over 10 years, IJM has been working to combat citizenship rights abuse in Thailand.

IJM advocates for people like Meetee, whose cases have been illegally delayed or denied, and secure the rights, freedoms and protection they deserve. 


The process of securing citizenship for people like Meetee is messy, frustrating and often wrought with setbacks. 

But thanks to our faithful supporters, IJM has helped over 17,000 people gain citizenship or correct legal status. 
Today, Meetee is still waiting for the central government to issue her ID number so she can receive the citizenship card that will transform her life and prove that she belongs. 

Give today to ensure that Meetee gets to finally call Thailand home. 

 Your support makes the work of justice possible.