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Ca ruby hero 1

From trapped and abused to healing and forgiveness

Ruby has found incredible freedom since she was rescued from sexual exploitation

Ruby* was only 16 years old when she was trafficked. A woman contacted her on social media and offered her a job—which came with the promise of a stable income.

Having lost both her parents, she needed to make some money of her own.

Unfortunately, the job offer was a trick.

Ca ruby img 1

She was lured, trapped and abused…

…all for profit.

Ruby was forced to perform in front of a camera for paying customers. Her movements and even her sense of value as a person were controlled by the perpetrators.

“I’m paid for every disgusting show that I would do in front of the computer… and while doing every disgusting show, I lost every bit of my self-esteem to the point where I felt disgusted of myself as well,” Ruby remembers.

She fought back against the control over her. But that came with grave consequences. The couple who trapped her would starve her.

She couldn’t escape.

What she didn’t know was that there was a team of people working tirelessly to find her.

An investigation started from a tip given to the FBI—this is how the police found the perpetrators.

From there, IJM staff worked with local police to develop a plan to rescue Ruby.

They watched and waited. And when the time was right, they burst into the locked home, shut down all the computers and cameras, rescued Ruby and arrested the couple who trapped her.

Ruby was finally free.

Ca ruby img 2

Now it was time to heal and restore her life.

She spent a lot of time on her recovery. She worked with IJM staff who helped her deal with the experiences she faced while she was trapped inside the house.

But, she never gave up and became stronger than ever.

It’s because of the support from the Philippine police, IJM staff and caring people like you that Ruby was given the chance to heal and become the person she is today.

She returned to school and worked hard—she wanted to study. She wanted a future.

She earned a degree in English Language Studies and now has a job as a customer service representative.

Ca ruby img 3

Ruby also learned to love and accept herself during her recovery journey.

She’s found true freedom—freedom from her past trauma, freedom from the feelings of disgust in herself she once felt and freedom through her hope in God.

She’s been given the opportunity to create a beautiful life for herself through her education, her healing and her faith.

And what’s even more remarkable is that she’s chosen to forgive the couple who abused her. She even prayed for them in the courtroom after their conviction.

A beautiful story of new life created from a horrible experience.

Ruby wanted to share this message with you generous and kind-hearted supporters:

“You just don’t know how big of an impact you’re making by helping IJM rescue entrapped children like I was before.”

You can help survivors just like Ruby rebuild their lives by giving a generous gift today.

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