Your Kingdome Come

Pursing Justice in a Broken World

Throughout scripture, pursuing justice on behalf of the poor and vulnerable helped usher in the Kingdom of God. And that invitation remains today.

Created by International Justice Mission Canada, Your Kingdom Come is a DVD study that helps small groups and churches discover God's heart for justice.

This package contains a DVD with four 10-15 minute sessions and a leader's guide with discussion starters, questions and action items.
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Learn from IJM Canada speakers through four teaching sessions:

  • Your Kingdom Come - God's Heart for Justice
  • Seeing Justice Come - The Role of Prayer and the Lord's Prayer
  • Making the Road Safe - The Parable of the Good Samaritan
  • The Power of Community - How a Community of Faith
    Can Seek Justice Together
  • "God uses the work of justice, especially the hard parts of it, to shape and change and grow us into the people we want to be; the courageous, loving and humble people God created us to be.”

    Ed Wilson
  • "The call of justice is a call to look at roads, streets and communities of injustice and find ways to make them safe, so that people don’t live in fear.”

    Mark Wollenberg
  • "Justice is not just an accessory to our faith but really central to the gospel.”

    Kelly Cameron
  • "The poor are longing for a new narrative; a narrative that gives them hope for the future, a narrative that gives them freedom from exploitation and vulnerability.”

    Phillip Reilly
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"Our awareness to injustice can stir many emotions, yet can leave us unaware of how to respond or where to take action. Through scripture and compelling questions, Your Kingdom Come can deepen our response to God’s stirring and resource us to a place of action and influence, both globally and locally.”

Jenn Martin, Director, FEB Central Women’s Ministry

"I highly recommend these four video sessions and the accompanying study guide. Not only will you find out about IJM’s ministry around the world but you and your group will be challenged to engage with and advocate for the poor and oppressed in your city and beyond. The actions you and your group will take as a result of doing this study will transform lives forever.”

STEVE SUNDBY, Lead Pastor, Saanich Baptist Church, Victoria, B.C.y