Philip Calvert

National Director of Development

Philip Calvert is IJM Canada’s National Director of Development. He has the immense pleasure of leading IJM Canada’s development team since March of 2020 after serving as the Alberta Director of Development and Mobilization since 2015 before that.

Philip has over 15 years of experience building relationships in the community with individuals, community organizations and corporations. Philip is deeply passionate about helping people to realize their potential and see their leadership ability as a way of making a brighter future where there is room for everyone, especially the most vulnerable among us. Philip has a degree in Leadership from Vanguard College, has served on multiple community based Boards and has given a TEDx talk on IJM’s work to combat trafficking. There is a path in front of us that arrives at the destination where equity is the expected norm, not the surprising exception.

Philip and his wife live in Calgary with their two young children.