Cause-Related Marketing

Together we can create a cause-marketing program that meets your corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives. Programs can be created around a percentage give-back from events, products or services sold, point-of-sale customer donations, Buy One, Give One opportunities and other creative collaborations.

If your company wishes to do any of the below, it would qualify as a cause-related marketing partnership.

  • Communicate that specific dollars or percentage of your proceeds will be given to IJM
  • Market your intentions to give to IJM to incentivize a purchase
  • Communicate that a purchase will benefit a specific program of our work

At this time, because we have a limited capacity to facilitate these types of partnerships, cause-marketing partners must commit to a minimum of a $25,000 annual donation. New and small businesses and authors should consider direct donations or donating through the IJM Gift Catalog.

What to know when considering a cause-marketing partnership:
All charitable sales promotions are state regulated in order to protect consumers and charities. They require a signed cause-marketing agreement between the non-profit and the company. You can learn more here, but we also encourage you to do your own research, as well as review information from the Better Business Bureau. Please review the information prior to filling out the partnership inquiry form to ensure this is the best option for your business.

Interested in a partnership? Please fill out our Partnership Inquiry Form