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Don't look away. Help stop it. Travel Brave

Every year, Canadians travel abroad for vacations, adventures, or business. But not everyone. Some Canadians travel abroad to break the law—to abuse children. It's a crime called child sex tourism.

Child sex tourists travel overseas to exploit children who are vulnerable; often, these children live in poverty and outside the protection of their country's public justice system.

Child sex tourists believe they won't get caught or held accountable for their actions. But Canada has excellent laws that can hold these individuals accountable—even if they commit these crimes outside our borders.

That's why we're inviting Canadians to Travel Brave—not just this summer but all year long.

Don't look away. Help stop it.

Download your Travel Brave kit today. It's filled with information that helps you know what to look for and how to report it. It also contains a downloadable wallet card, to carry with you as you travel.*

More questions? Read our Frequently Asked Questions

About Travel Brave

Travel Brave exists to raise awareness across Canada about child sex tourism, empower Canadians to report the crime, increase citizen reports of suspected child sex tourists, and better protect children everywhere.

Download your copy of the Travel Brave kit today. It includes a wallet card with reporting information and other valuable content to report suspicious activity.

Travel Brave is an initiative by International Justice Mission Canada.

"We need folks to stop minding their own business when it comes to young people. If you're concerned about a kid you have to take that extra step and make the call (to police)."



What is Travel Brave?
What is commercial sexual exploitation of a child?
Who is considered a child?
How are children sexually exploited?
What is child sex tourism?
How extensive is the problem of child sex tourism?
What does Canadian law say about child sex tourism?*
Can Canada hold Canadians responsible for crimes they’ve committed overseas?
How many Canadians have been convicted under Canada’s sex tourism legislation to date?
How many Canadians have been convicted, charged with, or arrested for child sex offenses abroad?
Where do child sex tourists travel?
Why aren't you focused on strengthening initiatives to prevent sex offenders from leaving Canada in the first place?
What can Canadians do?
What if I don’t know if the suspected child sex tourist is Canadian?
When should I report what I've seen?
Who should I contact if I think I have witnessed child sex tourism?
What happens to my tip?
Can my tip be anonymous?
What if I am wrong?

Travelling Soon

You may be heading abroad for vacation. But some Canadians travel overseas to abuse children, assuming the law will not follow them. They are wrong. It is a crime called child sex tourism.

Is it happening at your vacation destination? It happens in more places than you might expect.

Follow the link below to learn more about what happens at your vacation destination.


Canadian law states, "Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada who engage in prohibited sexual activities with children in a foreign country can be charged and prosecuted in Canada for these crimes.”

Want to be prepared? Download your ‘Travel Brave’ kit for a handy wallet card, warning signs, and information to report an incidence of suspected child sex tourism.

Download Your Travel Brave Kit

Thank you for signing up to receive the Travel Brave Kit. Please use the link below to download the kit. You will receive an autoresponder email that contains a link to the kit.

Download Travel Brave Kit

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"We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."

Nelson Mandela

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